We love our Bad Elf GPS, so when the website offered an “affiliate” link, we figured why not?

We have the Pro, and love it. We hang it on a book shelf, ready to turn on whenever we need it. We can connect by Bluetooth from any of of our devices. The accuracy on my Samsung is between 150-250 feet! But when I connect to the Bad Elf, it’s just 9 feet! What a difference! If I am going to use a tablet as a backup to our chartplotter, it may as well be accurate!!

Follow this link, and buy within 7 days, and I will get a small small percentage of your purchase… every little bit helps! But even if you do not buy through this link, definitely consider this product for making sure your GPS position is not mischarted!

CLICK HERE to show your support, and buy a Bad Elf GPS


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